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that just reminded me that we’ll never get another episode of abridgimon because shadyvox quit abridging thanks a lot you dickface


Hugging Amber’s legs, the Mon was happy to have someone around for Yamato. It made him glad to see him spending time with someone besides himself.


Moving to the kitchen, he pulled open the fridge, grabbing some water out. Pouring a glass for himself, he pushed BlackGabumon’s Dog dish over, and filled that too. Had to keep up the facade, and he didn’t mind.

"So, how’ve you been otherwise from missing me?"

Amber got down on her knees to give the Digimon more attention, patting his head a few times and generally showing him attention. 

She glanced over at his question, shrugging lightly. “I’ve been fine,” She said, getting up and stretching her arms upwards. “I’ve been really sleepy today, though, I don’t know why. I got plenty of sleep last night…”



"Well, it’s good I’m back then." Smiling, he kissed the crown of her head.`"But how can you be lonely? BlackGabumon’s here." As if on cue the Digimon came walking up to Yamato and Amber, a small smile on his furry face.

Amber gently patted BlackGabumon’s head, smiling brightly. “As good of company he is,” she spoke genuinely, “Nothing beats the warmth your cuddles emanate.” 


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"Hey." The younger blonde smiled, hugging him tightly.


"Missed me or somethin’? I was only away for a few hours…"

"Of course I missed you." She nuzzled him lightly, "It gets lonely after the first 10 minutes."

Me: Amber didn't have intercourse with Jeff. That was Scarlett.
Damien: Yes, I said Scarlett.
Me: You said Amber.
Damien: Yes, and then I said Scarlett. Amber had intercourse with all the other Yamatos.
Hana-kun to Koisuru Watashi | Hana Daikou & Sakashita Nanase